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I have a budget of $ 700 USD for three freezer until the Democratic Republic of Congo to course in Dar-es-salam all
Thank you to answer me quickly

Dimension: 2050 * 760 * 900mm
Dimension de l'emballage: 2140 * 780 * 955mm
Capacité: 710L
agent de gonflage: R141b
Température: -18 ≤ / ≤ 10 ℃
Tension: 220V
Puissance: 330W
Consommation: 3.8KW.h/24h
Poids: 110 kg
Capacité de chargement (20ft/40ft/40HQ): 16/32/44

EnglishDjoudjou MOUGHEBE

Cold room

EnglishIrene tembo mulenga

I am interested in these plates for a project used for Centerpieces. Thank you.

EnglishRose Di Rico

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